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Sifting is a necessary process to enhance the material quality for many of the high performance products needed daily. 

To achieve the highest product quality levels, improved performance with little space requirement and low energy consumption was the motivation for the assonic SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ – technology. 

The assonic Mechatronics GmbH, established in 2010, has developed several innovative processes for centrifugal sifting and flat screen sizing. 

Todays high service requirements of our target industries – chemical food processing and other fine powder base materials – call for fast delivery of centrifugal replacement screens and parts. 

Other pre-tensioned flat SONIC SPEED SCREENS™ with ultrasonic energy can be provided. 

As part of the Dorstener Drahtwerke group assonic has access not only to a vast knowledge of  screening media, but can also utilize the complete inventory of woven wire meshes for fast supply of all screens. 

State of the art manufacturing technologies for new multilayer laminated screening materials is a core technology of the Dorstener group.

Your need: High performance screening with a small footprint and low energy consumption?

Our answer:

SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ – sifting technology!

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