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We are the powder specialists in AM


Assonic has specialized in the screening and recovery of powders in additive manufacturing for years. Our goal is to recover the high-quality and still usable powder after the printing process and remove the coarse grains.

The screened powder is then returned to the production process, increasing its material efficiency. Whether titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or copper: we will find the right solution for you.

As part of the company network (AMP+), we are able to offer an integrated solution for an automated powder cycle in additive manufacturing for the first time.

The end-to-end process combines reliable depowdering of additively manufactured components with qualified preparation of excess powder which is collected, screened, dried and the returned to the process. A safe, dry process atmosphere is ensured just as reliably as the fulfillment of increasing work safety requirements.

In this innovative network, assonic guarantees for the consistency of high powder quality thanks to high-quality sophisticated screening machines, whose screen linings are stimulated by ultrasound at frequencies between 30 and 38 kilohertz – indispensable in quality-assured SLM production.

Whether you are a powder manufacturer, research institute, end user or OEM: contact us to work together on your ideal recovery solution.

Our promise:

  • Reliable powder handling in safe atmosphere

  • High-performance screens

  • High throughput

  • Finest grain sizes 

  • Automated recovery process

Our service:

  • Production of powder preparation equipment

  • Plastic and metal powder processing

  • Screening technology

  • Screening tests and powder testing

  • Contract screening

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