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The food industry has very high standards in terms of hygiene and purity of the goods that are worked with. 

We offer screening and filtration solutions that handle and optimize the demanding process of having various bulk goods with different bulk densities and ensure the highest and most consistent quality for your costumers.

The entire range from smaller quantities of bag packaging to large-volume silo throughputs is covered by us.

Our systems are designed to eliminate cross-contamination by being optimized for cleaning and free of dead space. A CIP system can also be added.

Our patented SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ technology ensures high throughputs as well as free screen linings by simultaneously stimulating it at high and low frequency.

The high-frequency ultrasound, ranging from 30 to 38 kHz, ensures the reduction of adhesion and frictional resistance. The low-frequency pneumatic stimulation, ranging from 100 to 250 Hz, ensures additional mixing of the powder.

Our screening and filtration solutions

for the food industry:

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