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High Performance Eddy Current Screening Machine 

High performance rotary screener with ultrasound stimulation for high performance screening of organic and inorganic powder material.

Screening processes play an important part in the primary industry’s quest for improvement of the end product. Achieving a high level of quality and increased screening yield with low space requirements and energy consumption motivated us to develop the assonic SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ RoSM700 high performance continuous screening machine.


Features and advantages at a glance:

  • Optimized screening performance for fine screenings due to screen baskets made of sintered stainless steel mesh or stainless steel screen cloth from 20 – 5,000 μm

  • Elimination of the boundary layer resistances between powder and screen basket fabric

  • Self-cleaning effect (ultrasound and medium frequency)

  • Throughput rate increase by a factor of 1.5 - 10 by ultrasound and lower frequency stimulation of the screen basket

  • Comminution of agglomerates and thus more complete reduction of oversized particles

  • Adjustment to the rheology of the screened product by suitable lower-frequency screen basket stimulation and the use of digital ultrasound generators

  • Easy change of color or product due to pull-out and swivel unit

  • Low space requirement, uncomplicated integration into existing systems

  • Flexible and complete control, possibility of integration into existing control systems 

  • Food compliant (EHEDG) and ATEX version (zone 20, 22) available

Our expertise together with the critical certificates make us an extremely competent partner.


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With our certifications and partners we are building a competence network, offering 
full sifting and sizing service.


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