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Our innovative reprocessing solutions are able to reprocess your freshly sprayed as well as your processed powders - no matter what type of metal powder.

Starting at a mesh size of 20 μm, we offer solutions for batch-wise as well as continuous operation.

We achieve high throughput rates, especially in additive manufacturing with aluminum, titanium, cobalt, chrome, nickel-based or copper alloys and stainless and tool steels, that keep the downtime of your machines as low as possible.

Optionally, the fractions of the materials processed in contract work can be analyzed and you will be provided with a document evaluating the grain size distribution of each separating cut.

Our patented SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ technology ensures high throughputs as well as free screen linings by simultaneously stimulating it at high and low frequency.

The high-frequency ultrasound, ranging from 30 to 38 kHz, ensures the reduction of adhesion and frictional resistance. The low-frequency pneumatic stimulation, ranging from 100 to 250 Hz, ensures additional mixing of the powder.

Our screening and filtration solutions:

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