Liquid-Solid Separation

SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ RoSL 700 – Cross Flow Screen Filtraton For High Performance Liquid-Solid Separation

Clarification of suspended solids  Thickening of suspended solids – Dehydration of solids, powders, and organic matter.


RoSL 700

  • High volumes of fluids can be processed continuously.
  • Internal rotor utilizes variable speed motors to help set the needed centrifugal forces for the desired process or product.
  • Ultrasonic excitation helps to yielded high throughput for fine separation.
  • Low frequency excitation of the screen basket enables additional throughput by handling heavy loads.
  • The inclination of the machine determines the time product is exposed to filtration.
  • Internal paddle geometries and screen sizes of the screen basket (20 – 2000 μm) can be chosen based on the application and end product specifications.
  • The speed control is variable can be adjusted for various product demands.
  • High centrifugal forces can be applied to add in the dehydration processes of solids.
  • Unit is available with and without cart.


Folder – RoSL 700 (PDF, 4,5 MB)