Vakuum Hopper Feeder for assonic RoSM 700

A perfect solution for fine and problematic powders​

–    as a batch feed hopper – to load conterminated batches into the hopper
–    as a continuous feed hopper – vacuumed into the feed hopper and continuously fed into the screening machine
–    A high performance mobile screening system
–    Hygienic and smooth transport of powders into the  hopper
–    Continuous feed of material by a special rotary feeder valve into RoSM 700
–    Precise sifting using Sonic Speed Screen sifting technology with cut points starting at 25 ym

Advantages over mechanical loading equipment

–    Hygienic, easy to dismantle and clean
–    Compact, Lightweight, easy to install
–    No mechanical agitation or vibration is required
–    High operational reliability as there are few moving parts

The Vakuum Hopper Feeder is available in ttwo Models:

–    max 600 kg/h
–    max 1500 kg/h

The Rotary Feeder (102 mm) can meter up to 1000 kg/hour of powders, subject to testing
–    it uses a reduced capacity, scalloped rotor it ensure sticky, cohesive powders are easily released.​

Flyer – Vakuum Hopper Feeder (PDF, 300 KB)