Compact Screening Machine

SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ Compact Screening Machine KSM 500

The new Compact Screening Machine KSM 500 utilizes ultrasonic energy to aid in sifting and sizing of fine powders. Our unique design provides high performance results on critical products. Especially developed to screen difficult chemicals, additives, food processing, spices, paint powder, plastic pallets, metal powder …

The innovative concept uses a conical sieve made of sintered metal screen meshScreens powders with a cut point of 40 – 500 micron. The unit has a small footprint and can be easily transported.

  • State of the art ultrasonic generators and high tech sintered screens.
  • The conical screen is excited using ultrasonic energy, which reduces the friction between powders and the screen surface.  A low frequency tapper keeps the openings clear.
  • The transport of the product through the sifting process is determined by a special rotor. The controlled rotor speed sets the sifting time. The blade geometry is designed around your product.
  • The controlled inlet of the product and the transport of fines and oversize material can be realized by using standard transport devices.
  • Connects easily in line with other processes. Simple, straight forward control functions.
Flyer – Compact Screening Machine KSM 500  (PDF, 4,9 MB)