SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ centrifugal sifter

We chose to use direct excitement of ultrasonic energy, as well as low and medium frequency tapper impact to increase the throughput of organic and non-organic powders. The screen sits in the fine particle chamber. The simple construction avoids the need for critical adapters and connectors. It features easy handling and easy maintenance.

Features and advantages:

•    Ultrasonic energy  reduces the forces and friction between powder and screen

•    The pneumatic tapper cleans the screen

•    Throughput increases by a factor of 1,5 – 10  using direct ultrasonic excitement

•    Can be used for sizing, classifying, scalping, de- dusting and other applications with little change over time

•    Use of stainless steel cylindrical screens with micron ratings ranging from 20 – 5000 micron

•    The speed of the paddle can be adjusted continuously to react to different rheologies of the powder

•    Fast and flexible screen change

•    Easy integration into the complete plant

SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ centrifugal sifter


Folder – Sonic Speed Screen™ (German, PDF, 3,7 MB)
Folder – SSS Centrifugal Sifter RoSM-700 (PDF, 4 MB)