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SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ - sifting technology

High performance screening with a small footprint and low energy consumption: The centrifugal sifting machine SONIC SPEED SCREEN™ with direct ultrasonic excitement and support of a pneumatic tapper using new Ultra-DA-Screens achieves the highest performance sizing organic and non-organic powders.

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Centrifugal sifterCentrifugal sifter

We chose to use direct excitement of ultrasonic energy, as well as low and medium frequency tapper impact to increase the throughput of organic and non-organic powders. The screen sits in the fine particle chamber.


Screens basketsScreens baskets

We retrofit used centrifugal screeners using our SONIC SPEED SCREEN technology. Our proprietary assonic technique, adapting ultrasonic energy to our new Ultra-DA-Centrifugal-Screen can make sifters … 


Flat screens / Tuning KitFlat screens / Tuning Kit

We did not want to only use our SONIC SPEED SCREEN technology on cylindrical screens. Together with our sister company, Dorstener Siebtechnik GmbH, we installed our ultrasonic devices on flat pre-tensioned screens.


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